To use MyCognition’s assessment and training game you must use one of the following supported browsers: Firefox (Windows or Mac OS), Internet Explorer (on Windows), or Safari (on Mac OS) and have the Unity Web plugin installed. To install both please follow the guide below:


1] Install Unity Plugin


(Windows) Download the Unity plugin from here and install:


(Mac OS) Download the Unity plugin from here and install:


Unzip the file and install the file contained


Click on “accept” on the License agreement

Click on “finish” to complete the install


Additional support instructions:


2] Install A Supported Browser (IE, Firefox, Safari)



Internet Explorer:

Safari: Available on Mac App Store or


Please note: Do not download any browser from any unofficial website. If in doubt please contact a member of IT.


3] Access MyCQ


To access MyCQ, copy this link into your Firefox browser:


Your Username and Password will be provided to you individually.


1) Please Accept the Terms & Conditions.

2) MyCQ should now begin loading, please allow up to 5 minutes for first time loading.

3) You can access MyCQ at any time through the “Assess” tab on the left hand menu.



· If MyCQ does not load please refresh the browser. It can take up to 5 minutes to load the first time.

· If MyCQ states, “activate plugin” – please click to activate the plugin and tick “always remember” if prompted.

· If MyCQ states, “plugin failed” – please refresh the browser window and allow MyCQ to load again.

· If MyCQ states, “connection error” – please refresh the browser window and ensure you have a stable Internet connection.