What data do we collect?
  • Consumer subscribers - name, address and credit card details
  • System users - usernames, email address (adults only), date of birth, gender and cognitive (MyCQ) scores

How is your data protected?

  • We can not see your personal information and your cognitive scores, only you can, or your parent, system administrator if you are in a school, workplace or healthcare establishment
  • Our systems encrypt your data while in transit to, from and on our servers
  • We have policies and procedures in place to prevent data breaches

What do we do with your data?

  • We only use your billing data for account management and billing purposes
  • We will send you marketing information if you have requested it (adults only)
  • We analyse anonymous aggregated cognitive data to better understand brain health, improve our product measurement and training capabilities
  • We use anonymous aggregated data for clinical and marketing publications.

What will we not do with your data?

  • We will never market to you, unless you have asked us to
  • We will never give your data to a 3rd party

Link to full privacy policy

Please click here to read our full privacy policy, or email support@mycognition.com if you have any questions.